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Discover the fortune hidden within
Your Personal Income

Many people arrive at a point in their lives where they are at a loss as to how to escape personal financial difficulty. Problems can stem from issues such as a catastrophic incident like an accident or major health issue like a heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately, most financial troubles are much simpler to solve. These usually stem from a lack of knowledge about issues such as too much credit card debt, lack of a spending plan, lack of understanding as to how to balance a checking or savings account, or saving for the future.

Our Owner, Gregg, is a Certified Credit Counselor through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors. This top-notch organization has been providing professional training and certifications for 18 years. Their training encompasses a holistic approach to personal finance and counseling.

Our owner and staff have over ten years of experience working with people in this area. We have seen people set free from the worries of personal financial issues. While we cannot guarantee any results, we can provide you with all of the tools, coaching, and encouragement necessary to do any of the following:

Create and use a
spending plan.

Develop and execute a
debt reduction plan.

Institute a savings plan to
set aside 2-3 months’ worth
of expenses.

Set up and manage a
checkbook or debit card
ledger on a daily basis.