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Cash Flow

The old adage “Cash is King” still rings true today when it comes to the financial management of a growing company. Accurately measuring cash flow can alert your business to trouble before it strikes.

Minimizing the time between project completion, billing, and collection should be the goal of every business owner. The shorter the period, the better the cash flow.

Our objective in this area will be to delay outlays of cash as long as possible (and still maintain any discount potential) while encouraging anyone with an outstanding balance to settle their account as rapidly as possible.

The key element of effective cash flow management is accurately timing large outlays of cash to minimize disruptions in business operations. This will be the foremost component of everyday operations and also strategic planning objectives.

A cash flow crisis is the worst thing to happen to a business. Work is being performed, but invoicing and collecting are lagging behind. Sound familiar? Our team will monitor receivables and keep you apprised if the need to secure additional cash arises.

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