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Small Business

Owning and operating a small business is the American dream. However, business owners do not need to spend time sorting through receipts and ledgers. Your time is best spent seeking out and gaining new clients. We manage and monitor your books so you can do that. Our at-a-glance reports allow you to stay laser-focused on growing your business.


One of the most basic business functions every company has is their payroll management. It is an area that is critical to the successful operation of every business. We provide payroll services in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and around the state if requested. We perform the “heavy-lifting” of payroll and tax management. This graduates you from scrutinizing minute details to pursuing big picture business opportunities.

Cash Flow

A cash flow crisis is the worst thing to happen to a business. Work is being performed, but invoicing and collecting are lagging behind. Sound familiar? Our team will monitor receivables and keep you apprised if the need to secure additional cash arises.


A full-fledged strategy is better than the best-laid business plan. Preparing a strategic business model can help ensure you are making solid business decisions that are focused toward the long-term objectives you have in mind. We offer strategic planning consultations to help you develop an overall plan moving forward.


Often one of the most neglected aspects of running any business is making sure to have solid internal controls. These controls help protect your investment, and the security of your equipment and assets are essential to generating revenue. We provide regular business reviews of inventory, equipment, and your banking and corporate credit account controls (if applicable) to ensure risk is mitigated.

Business Data

The process of accounting provides reporting that brings key financial indicators together. We review, analyze, and report back on your actual profitability, while providing a framework for making adjustments to your business model. We go beyond the basic bookkeeping functions to give you a big picture view of your business.

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